Tuesday, 13 March 2018

T Stands For Tuesday 'Tea and Craft' Day

Hello Everyone! I've spent the whole day in my craft room. The washing I put on this morning is still in the machine! Lol!

First up, here are my Gelli Plate prints for Birgit's challenge Day 13. Today's prompt was Pigment Inks, so I used Distress Oxides. I only have 3 colours. Left to right...Swiping the pads onto the plate & stamping with Lego, Stamping the pads on the plate then spritzing with water then taking print, and finally a ghost print.

Next, I created a page in my art journal. Started with the teabag in the centre, painted a flower on it, then added paint all around, and marks and splatters.

I glued the dried paint from my paint tube in the centre of the flower.

I was also making art for a DT post, so I can't share that, but finally I stopped for a cup of tea. Another round teabag to dry and add to my collection for future use, and I decided to use my expensive pottery mug and hope I don't break it when I wash up!

Alison x


  1. What a gorgeous mug! That potter is gifted :) Happy T Tuesday

  2. I love what you have designed with your art and I Love Love Love your pottery mug I have collected allot of handmade pottery over the years but this one is so special! Enjoy drinking out of. it so beautiful
    Happy T Day

  3. Beautiful art and a gorgeous cup. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Wow, sounds like you've had a great day! Now there's an idea, when I have time I just might lock myself in my craft room for the day ...lol 😉. I'm loving your T Day art with the Gelli prints and pretty teabag flower page - beauiful! Happy T Day! J 😊 x

    1. Meant to say that's such a beautiful mug, it's a work of art in itself and what an amazing design! J 😊

  5. I like the way you said stamped with 'Lego' so casually like it was the norm ha ha - that was brilliant Alison.
    Love your journal page too - great colour combinations.
    Cool mug as well.
    Hope your washing out of machine by now - our machine broke down after about 21 years last year and everything been hand washed since then - by my hubby, not me - he enjoys it...not a lot I can say to that except thankyou ha ha xx

  6. wow, what a great way to spend a day! I was (amused?) that you had lego lying around to use as a stamping implement!! great idea.

  7. gorgeous mug-and it kinda coordinates with your wonderful vibrant flower page! Great Oxide colors to have to coordinate on your gel prints. happy T day!

  8. I have yet to play with my brand new Gelli Plate... i like what you achieved. And your ArtJournal flowers are beautiful Alison. All day in your craftroom ... wow! That would be wonderful! That doesn't happen often.. That is one beautiful mug.. I'm glad you used it. Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  9. I apologize for being late. My internet went down late last night. I tried everything I knew to get it back, so decided to call AT&T. However, when I tried to use the phone, all I got was static, so I knew it was something on their end. It’s very frustrating playing the waiting game.

    I have a few pigment inks and reinkers and have found them to be really thick and take forever to dry. I'm glad you were able to get around that with the oxides, which I have not yet seen in my craft stores. I asked a friend for two legos because I want to use them like you have done, too.

    I love the wonderful flower page you created. I adore how you use your lovely teabags to get these wonderful journal pages. This one lends itself well to spring, too.

    I was actually shocked at how small those round tea bags are and how you actually have a teabag holder that holds the round ones. I was so glad you shared your time with us today at T. I was most impressed with that fabulous mug, as well as your art, and of course that teabag and teabag holder. Thanks for cluing me into what they actually look like for T this Tuesday.

  10. I'm such a dufus. Thanks for sharing that lovely spring flower with us at Art Journal Journey, too, dear.

  11. sometimes its important to have a day all to yourself and love what emerged too..that pottery mug is really nice and very you x

  12. Wonderful art pieces, I love all your spring journal pages and how you use the teabags.
    I often forget the washer is on, so you are not alone, its easy to get carried away creating art.
    Your mug looks beautiful, one to take care of for sure.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  13. That is one gorgeous mug Alison. What a nice piece of art to enjoy your tea in. :) Loving the latest Gelli prints too. hope you had a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  14. Beautiful gelli prints and great journal page-love the mug
    Carol x

  15. Wonderful page with such fresh colors, springlike. I like the tea pad in the middle, good idea. Your tea cup looks gorgeous, a little Artwork wow.
    Dear Greetings

  16. Fabulous freshness oozing from your creations...lovely Following you , come and follow me if you like too.xx 💖 [Aussie aNNie's Blog]

  17. Your gelli-prints are amazing!
    And the art journal page is a gorgeous mixed media artwork!
    I hope this wonderful expensive pottery mug did not break :)
    Rike xx

  18. Hee hee, I have days like this but not had one for a while as it's all been rather crazy here recently..so i'm feeling a little crafting envy !! Love what you have produced with your Gelli Print, lovely bold colours.
    Your pottery mug is beautiful, I can see why you would be scared to use it, i'd hug it till my Tea was all gone!
    Hugs Tracey xx

  19. what a wonderful art day you had. laundry can wait;)
    happy belated t-day ♥

  20. First of all thanks a lot for sharing that lovely spring flower with us at Art Journal Journey and the gelli prints are just wonderful - you will end up with so much fantastic stuff for next month 😉 sounds like you've had another great day in the studio! Forgetting the laundry in the machine is something that really often happens to me. I have to set my handy to give me a ring when the machines are ready, since I don't hear them, they are in the basement. I hate when clothes are too long in the machine or dryer and need ironing at all- I hate ironing! Happy belated T - Day from me !
    Your mug looks just so beautiful, that's for sure one of those mugs to take good care of.
    oxo Susi

  21. What a beautiful mug! Yes, it deserves special treatment re washing up. Careful, careful.
    Your pages a great. I just love the idea of using a tea bag. And of course perfect of T-Day too.
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  22. Your mug is so beautiful! I love the glaze and the shape. I had a few pottery mugs and they both broke in the dishwasher. :( Give it special care.
    And a lovely journal page full of bright colors. I really like your gelli print background.
    Belated Happy Tea Day,

  23. Wonderful artwork, Alison

    Thank you for sharing it at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY

  24. Lovely gelli plate prints, Alison. I smile when you told about the center of the flower. So clever and a great final touch. Beautiful mug. I hope it survived your washing ;-)

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  25. I hope to use the oxides on my gelli plate too! You got some interesting results! I love the flower page and intend getting back into my journal this week! Your mug is beautiful but does look as though it is for special days only! A very belated Happy T Day! Chrisx


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