Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Scrappy September Scavenger Day 21

 Hi Everyone!

Here's today's Scrappy September page.

Day 21 - Cream(colour), Game card, Puzzle piece, Hexagon.

Bonus Item - Movie theatre ticket stub.

Today I gave the bonus item a miss, although I've probably got a rubber stamp of a ticket somewhere amongst my stash, but I couldn't lay my hands on a real one. I haven't been to the cinema since before the virus.

I'm linking up to Wendy's Vintage theme at Art Journal Journey.

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Monday, 20 September 2021

Scrappy September Scavenger

 Hello All.

Here are a few more Scrappy September pages.

Day 17 - Red, A playing card, A vintage bank note, Clover.

Bonus Item - Something knitted. 

I had to get my needles out 😁 I found the clover on our morning walk, and the bank note online.

Day 18 - Baby blue, Wallpaper, Book page in another language, Butterfly.

Bonus Item - Buttons.

A few items from my stash, and I drew and cut out the butterfly.

Day 19 - Dark purple, Tissue paper, Something you painted, Leaf.

Bonus Item - Lace.

I used my new Arteza watercolour paints to paint the leaves.

Day 20 - Green, Tea stained paper, Receipt, Butterfly.

Bonus Item - Dried flower.

The receipt I painted with watercolours, and heated to turn parts of it black. Receipt paper is so cool! The flower was Queen Anne's Lace that I dried last year, and I was happy to use one of the teabags I've emptied. I painted the ribbon with watercolour too, and then scrunched it before drying. Does my page look a little bit vintage for Wendy's Vintage theme at Art Journal Journey? I hope so.

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

Have We All Had This Dream?!

 Hello All.

Here's today's Scrappy September Scavenger page.

Day 16 - Light green, Postcard, A piece of plaid fabric, Zig zag.

Bonus Item - A family portrait.

I used DecoArt Green Gold fluid acrylic for the background, a Crafty Individuals stamp for the postcard, a Carabelle Studio stamp for the zig zags, and a Dymo printer for the words.

I'm linking my page to Wendy's Vintage theme at Art Journal Journey.

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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Scrappy September Scavenger 13 - 15

 Hello Everyone.

I have 3 more pages to share today, for the Scrappy September Scavenger Challenge on Instagram.

Day 13 - Tan, Vellum, A bird sticker, Paisley

Bonus Item - A hand print

Used some items here that I've had in my stash a very long time! Vellum, stickers and Scrabble tiles. That's one of the great things about this challenge :-) 

Day 14 - Red, Square, Comic book page, Puzzle piece

Bonus Item - Old leaf

I found the cartoons in a newspaper destined for the guinea pig cage :D The puzzle pieces are a vintage style stamp from a PaperArtsy set, as is the crossword stamp. I found the dried leaves on some neglected houseplants. I had to iron them a bit flatter. Lol!

I'm linking up to Wendy's Vintage theme at Art Journal Journey, and Country View Craft's The Leaves Begin To Fall Challenge.

Day 15 - White, Window envelope, Avocado dyed paper, Flower

Bonus Item - Embroidery thread

Luckily Hubby likes avocado, and there was an empty half and a stone handy, so I boiled them for about 90 minutes, then dyed some book and music pages. I'll be doing this again! I used embroidery thread to stitch the crosses onto the dyed book page scrap.

Halfway point of the challenge 😊😊😊

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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Scrappy September Days 11 and 12

 Hello All.

I have two more pages to share today from the Scrappy September Scavenger Challenge.

Day 11 - Black & White, Bookmark, Drawing of a building, Star

Bonus Item - Your Country's Flag

I had to employ some drawing skills for this one, sketching a house, and drawing the Union Jack, my country's flag. The bookmark came with a V&A(Victoria & Albert) Museum magazine, lots of vintage things to see there in that lovely old building, and the flag must be pretty vintage??? So I'm linking up to Wendy's Vintage theme at Art Journal Journey.

Day 12 - Lavender/Purple, Paper napkin, An old handkerchief, Leaf

Bonus Item - Food packaging

These prompts seem to be getting trickier, but it's fun to search for things to use, and sometimes I have to improvise a little πŸ˜„

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


Saturday, 11 September 2021

Art Journal Journey - Vintage

Hello All.

Another challenge I've been doing in September is GelliArts' ABC Printing Challenge. Yesterday the prompt was 'J' for Journal Page. 

I picked 3 primary colours of acrylic paint, and brayered them in a pattern on my Gelli Plate. I used bubble wrap to add some texture, then using the plate like a stamp, I printed onto a page in my art journal.

I brayered on some Prussian Blue acrylic around the edges, and on a few random parts of the page. Then I added the Tim Holtz Paper Dolls, and a Dina Wakley tissue quote. I used some red and yellow paint to blend in the quote, then finished by printing some aquamarine circles with a lid.

I linking this page to Wendy's Vintage theme at Art Journal Journey.

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Friday, 10 September 2021

52 Weeks Art Journal - Week 36 - Wonderful World

 Hello Everyone.

Here's my page for this week's 52 Weeks Art Journal Challenge. The theme is Wonderful World.

I made a collage page of images I cut out from a catalogue of guided walking holidays. I love that image in the bottom left, it just sums the title up I think.

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