Monday 31 January 2022

JJJ - Days 25-31

 Hello Everyone.

I have my final week of Junk Journal January pages to share with you today. I think that means I haven't posted here for a whole week. I don't know where the time goes. I'm not feeling great today, G-CSF side effects, so I'll keep it brief.

Day 25 - Paperclip.

Day 26 - Growth.

Day 27 - Memories.

Day 28 - Rest.

Day 29 - Hope.

Day 30 - Joy.

Day 31 - Thankful.

There were a few faces on these last pages, so I'm linking for one final time to Erika's Let's Face It theme at Art Journal Journey.

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Monday 24 January 2022

JJJ - Days 22-24

 Hello All.

Happy new week to you!

Here we go with some more of my Junk Journal January pages.

Day 22 - Pockets. It had to be a teabag pocket! The little tag was a watercolour leaf that I painted, then muted down with a layer of teabag paper. I finished with those 3 black dots top right, to balance the page.

Day 23 - Favourite Book. I love a Jane Austen novel. It's hard to pick a favourite, but I think it might be Persuasion. I used some of my hoarded Basic Grey patterned papers, and a lovely stamp set by Artistic Outpost.

Day 24 - Junk Mail. I cut the images from a Joe Browns catalogue, and simply collaged them on my page.
Not much sun around here today, but this piece cheered my day up.

I'm linking the above page to Erika's Let's Face It theme at Art Journal Journal. Let's face it, sunshine really does make everything better, doesn't it?!

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Friday 21 January 2022

JJJ - Days 19-21

 Hello All.

Here are a few more of my pages for Junk Journal January.

Day 19 - Scented. I went with the scent of coffee, and painted my whole page with some diluted coffee. I painted a coffee mug, added some stamped scallops and found book text, and finished with coffee splashes.

Day 20 - Simplicity. Kept this very simple with a bit of turquoise paint, a sketched and cut out flower, and a word. 

Day 21 - Antique. I'm linking this collage of vintage ladies to Erika's Let's Face It theme at Art Journal Journey.

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Wishing you all a happy and creative weekend.


Tuesday 18 January 2022

JJJ - Days 15-18

 Hi Everyone!

Here are a few more of my Junk Journal January pages. Some of them have faces on, so I'm linking up with Erika's Let's Face It theme at Art Journal Journey.

Day 15 - Muted. Please believe me when I say the colours are more muted in real life! 

Day 16 - Musical. The keyboard came from some earphone packaging, never throw anything out! And the guitar came from a magazine. The splashes were made with diluted coffee.

 Day 17 - Hand Lettering. I got a bit carried away with this one, and I found a lovely Lord Byron quote to go with my art doll.

You might recognise the doll's face as one of my hand-carved stamps from early last year.

Day 18 - You've Got Mail. I made the music paper envelope using a template, and the stamped images are by PaperArtsy.

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Saturday 15 January 2022

JJJ - Days 12-14

Hello Everyone!

I hurt my back at the beginning of the week, and woke up Tuesday morning with lower back pain, so I haven't been able to sit at my computer comfortably all week. Thankfully it's feeling a bit better now, but I'll carry on doing my back exercises and taking the anti-inflammatories for a wee bit longer.

I have a few more pages for Junk Journal January to share with you today. 

Day 12 - Quote. This is one for Erika's Let's Face It theme at Art Journal Journey. Eleanor Roosevelt gave us some really great quotes!

Day 13 - Dreamy. I love that found book text 'fragments of everything', I think it's perfect for the theme.

Day 14 - Tickets and Tags. This is one of my favourites!

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Happy weekend,


Tuesday 11 January 2022

JJJ - Days 10 & 11

 Hello All.

I've another couple of pages to share for Junk Journal January, keeping it short as my back is playing up today.

Day 10 - A splash of colour.

Day 11 - Stamp it out. 

I carved a couple of face stamps for my collection, and used those together with a couple of my other stamps, some collage, scribbled text, and found text. I think someone's been scribbling on the walls! 😁

I'm linking this page to Erika's Let's Face It theme at Art Journal Journey

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Sunday 9 January 2022

Junk Journal January - Days 7-9

 Hello All.

I'm sharing a few more pages for Junk Journal January today.

Day 7 - Positive Vibes. I love my creative online community of friends, this is for all of you! Let's face it, you're the best! I wonder if I can share these faceless friends with Erika's Let's Face It theme at Art Journal Journey.

Day 8 - Florals. Some ephemera that I've been hoarding for a few years!

Day 9 - Sepia. Teabags, coffee and black ink painted circles, watercolour painted leaves, and some found text. Plus white ink splatters to bring it all together.

Wishing you all a creative Sunday.


Thursday 6 January 2022

Junk Journal January Days 5 & 6

 Hello Everyone.

Here are another couple of Junk Journal January pages.

Day 5 - Fabric. I drew a face on my seed head for Erika's Let's Face It theme at Art Journal Journey.

Day 6 - Inspiration. I used images from a magazine and a bird book for my collage. The yellow stripes are painted with a new neon watercolour paint I received yesterday.

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Wednesday 5 January 2022

Junk Journal January Days 3 & 4 and a Card

 Hello All.

I have a couple more pages to share today for the Junk Journal January Challenge.

Day 3 - Torn Edges. 

The girl and rat were already part of my page, and I started off adding woven pieces of used, torn masking tape around them. The masking tape had been used on the edges of a painting, so it had some turquoise and black paint on it already, but I added some more Prussian Blue acrylic over the top. 

I used watercolour paint to colour in the girl and rat. The 'tree' is made from a book page that I applied fibre paste to, then painted with watercolour. It has lovely texture. I found some book text that fitted the page, and finished with white acrylic ink splashes.

Day 4 - Stickers. I used some collage items, an old playing card, and stickers that I've had in my stash for a while, most of which were gifted to me.

 I'm linking this page to Erika's Let's Face It theme at Art Journal Journey. Milady has been caught just as she is about to extinguish her candle.

Before I go, here is a little card I made for Art Journey's January challenge, which is to stamp on anything but paper.

Thanks for dropping by my blog today.


Monday 3 January 2022

Hidden Faces

 Hello All.

I'm back today with my art journal calendar for January 2022. I've hidden a few Dina Wakley tissue and stencilled faces in my pages for Erika's Let's Face It theme at Art Journal Journey.

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Sunday 2 January 2022

Little Moments... the theme today for Junk Journal January.

You may know that I'm an avid birdwatcher. We had a great start to the new year on our morning walk yesterday. First I spotted a Sparrowhawk, then some Long-Tailed Tits, then amazingly, a beautiful Red Kite was circling over the village. Luckily Hubby had his camera with him, although he wasn't quick enough to catch the Tits. I also spotted 4 Buzzards circling the field near our house, on our return. They were a bit too far away for a decent photo though. It was a good day for spotting birds of prey!

Here's a thirsty Jay who visited our bird bath for a drink on Boxing Day. Daughter and her boyfriend couldn't understand why I got so excited. 😁

And here's me yesterday, climbing a field to see some Crows.

And here's my Day 2 Junk Journal January page, the prompt for which was 'Little Moments'.

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Saturday 1 January 2022

New Year, New Challenges

 A Happy New Year to you all! Wishing you health, happiness and lots of blessings in 2022.

I found a new Instagram challenge for January. It's @megjournals (hashtag)junkjournaljanuary.

I altered an old hardback book to create my junk journal. I took out all of the pages, and sewed in some new ones, using various book pages, music sheets, ledger paper, packaging paper etc.

This is the title and prompts page. Please forgive the photos. Daylight had gone, and I had to use the flash.

And here is my page for Day One's prompt of 'New Beginnings'.

There's my favourite hand-carved face stamp again, and I'm linking my page to Erika's fabulous new theme 'Let's Face It' at Art Journal Journey.

Thanks so much for visiting me today.