Wednesday 28 October 2020

Artist Soul Retreat

Artist Soul Retreat was a set of three free classes by French artist Laly Mille. She took us through creating a mood board, then using that to make four mini mixed media abstract landscapes, and finally to create an abstract mixed media canvas. It was an intensive few days, but I learned so much from it.

This is my mood board. I've never made one of these before, but it was a very useful tool. I used magazine images, patterned paper, music and old book pages. I also added a teabag, piece of gauze, corrugated card and dress-making paper pattern, which aren't shown here.

Using the colours, textures and patterns from my mood board, I created these four 6x6" abstract landscapes.

Here's a slightly closer look at each one.

And finally, I created this 12x10" canvas. I didn't intend on using pink, but it's growing on me! I may have to do another one with the bolder colours from my mood board. I love the random word Pantomime from a piece of music paper, that showed through the drips in the top right corner.

I'm linking up to Chris' Hold The Line theme at Art Journal Journey.

I'm looking forward to exploring these techniques more. 

Thank you so much for visiting,

Alison xox

Tuesday 27 October 2020

366 Somethings - Week 43

 Hi Everyone!

Here's my index card collages for week 43 of the 366 Somethings challenge.

I think my favourite this week is the last one 301, closely followed by the first 295. Do you have a favourite?

Did you spot that I've passed the 300 mark? I can't believe I have 301 of these little collages...incredible!!!

Thank you so much for visiting today!

Alison xox

Thursday 22 October 2020

Mixed Media Mini Classes

Hi everyone!

As you might know, I recently joined in with Willowing's Tamara Laporte's Lifebook taster sessions. Each of the tutors involved had a free gift for us, and Tiare Smith's freebie was a set of 3 mini mixed media classes.  Here are the pages I made.

Day One - Flower with Gelatos

Day Two - Simple half portrait with acrylic paint.

Day Three - Big blooms with Faber-Castell brush markers.

As there are lots of scribbly lines, I'm linking up to Chris' Hold The Line theme at Art Journal Journey.

I hope you're all having a happy and creative week!

Alison xox

Tuesday 20 October 2020

366 Somethings - Week 42

Hello Everyone! I don't know where the week's gone. I did manage to see some friends last week, meeting up for woodland walks, which was lovely. The hardest thing for me is not being able to see people, especially my lovely children. Thank goodness for facetime!

Here are my latest index card collages...

I had some watercolour paints out on my desk, and I used them on the last two cards, 293 & 294. I think they are my favourites this week, closely followed by the first one 288. The text on the last 2 was from Far From The Madding Crowd too, a favourite novel of mine. Have you got a favourite card this week?

Thank you so much for visiting,

keep safe and well,

Alison xox


Wednesday 14 October 2020

366 Somethings - Week 41

 Hi Everyone! Hope you're all keeping safe and well. We both got our flu vaccinations on Sunday. My arm is still sore, but I'm relieved to have got it sorted.

I have another week of collaged index cards to share with you today. Here they are...

I think the first and last ones are my favourites this week. What do you think? The text on the last one is from one of my favourite books, The Return Of The King. Don't worry, I have another copy ;-)

Thanks for dropping by,

Alison xox

Tuesday 13 October 2020

Another Life Book Taster Session.

 This one was from Amanda Trought. We made a double page spread with collage, paint, water soluble crayons, stencilling, and lots of paint pen marks.

Thanks for visiting,

Alison xox

Friday 9 October 2020

Lifebook Taster - Alena Hennessy

 Happy Friday Everyone!

Here's a page I made following Alena Hennessy's Lifebook Taster Session. I used acrylic inks for the background, and paint pens for the marks and writing. I'm linking this page to Chris' Hold The Line theme at Art Journal Journey.

I have a couple of other Lifebook pieces to share. This one was from Juno Biagioni's session, using a mono-printing technique.

And this one was from Dena Ann Adams session. A study of daisies.

Thanks so much for dropping by.

Alison xox

Wednesday 7 October 2020

366 Somethings - Week 40

 Hello Everyone!

I suddenly realised I hadn't posted my ICADs for the past week. I can't blame it on any social distractions. Lol! I very rarely have those these days. So here are my 'Somethings' for week 40...

Do you have a favourite this week? I love that 'Lame Duck' on 277. It was Alison Bomber that pointed out the connection. The words I chose were completely random, as was the collage.

Thanks for dropping by,

Alison xx

Monday 5 October 2020

Lifebook Taster Sessions

Hi Everyone!

Today I have a watercolour page to share with you, from Susan Nethercote's Lifebook taster session. The class was called Watercolour Winddown. I enjoyed the freedom of this class, and I'm starting to get my head around watercolour.

A few wiggly lines means I can link this page to Chris' Hold The Line theme at Art Journal Journey.

Thanks for dropping by,

Alison xox


Sunday 4 October 2020

Lifebook Taster Sessions - Iris Fritschi-Cussens

Hello everyone!

I have a mixed media art journal spread to share today, which was inspired by a class by Iris Fritschi-Cussens in the Lifebook Taster Sessions.

I used water-soluble crayons to create the background, then created the flowers by applying acrylic paint with a palette knife. The finishing touch was to use a pencil to add scribbly lines around the flowers.

I'm linking my spread to Chris' Hold The Line theme at Art Journal Journey.

Wishing you a happy new week,

Alison xox

Friday 2 October 2020

Art Journal Calendar - October 2020

 Hi Everyone! 

Today I have my October calendar to share with you. But first let me show you my September calendar all filled out with my daily activities. Lots of daily walks and art, as always!

And now here is my calendar for October.

I started with a layer of sewing pattern tissue, then applied some paint and used the reductive stencilling technique to reveal the tissue beneath.

Next, I used some of my lovely friend Florence's fabulous mark-making stamps from Crafty Individuals, to create some interest on the background. Flo kindly gifted the stamps to me, she's such a generous friend!

I used Flo's larger circle ring image with pink paint to create my journalling circles, then stamped the centre solid circle with yellow paint. 

I wrote the title with a black Posca paint pen, and added some white pen dots to the journalling circles and wording. 

Finally, I used a HB pencil to scribble around the circles, and a black Stabilo All pencil and water to create a dark watercolour frame around my pages.

I'm linking my calendar to Chris' Hold The Line theme at Art Journal Journey.

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you all have a happy and peaceful weekend.

Alison xx