Sunday 12 February 2023

365 Somethings - Days 24-30

 Hello all.

Here are some more of my 365 mini collages. I've given up timing them, but they usually take 15 minutes or less.

Thanks for visiting,


Saturday 11 February 2023

365 Somethings - Days 17-23

Hello friends.

Yipee! I don't have covid anymore! I tested negative yesterday, and celebrated with a walk with my good friend Louise and her dog, and also her neighbour's dog. We usually walk once a week, and I had a lovely welcome back from sweet Pascal the poodle and Tilly the cockerpoo. 

I've started to catch up with my 365 Somethings, so here are another week's worth.

Thank you so much for visiting, and for your lovely supportive comments.


Wednesday 8 February 2023

365 Somethings 2023 - 14-16

Hello Friends.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my calendar post, and your kind wishes for my recovery, they were very much appreciated. 

I thought I would share the three 5 minute mini collages I made before I ended up in hospital. I hope to get back to these, maybe today I'll be motivated. I'm feeling better and a bit more energized now. 

Looking at these collages makes me keen to make some more, so watch this space.

Thank you so much for visiting,

big hugs,


Thursday 2 February 2023

February Art Journal Calendar

Hello Friends.

I've been on a little break from blogging, not from choice I might add.

I suffered an oesophageal bleed on the 16th Jan, ended up in hospital for a few days. I had some surgery, then came home to recover, only to find out I'd caught covid during my stay. I'm glad to say I'm recovering from the surgery and covid, but I'm getting some unpleasant side effects from the medication which is wiping me out even more.

I did make it into my studio yesterday, and got my February art journal calendar made. I'm linking my spread to Erika's Red theme at Art Journal Journey

Here's my completed January spread.

Thanks for coming to visit me today. I shall do some visiting myself now.