Saturday 17 December 2022

Care December Days 8-13

 Hello All.

Here are some more pages I created for Kasia's Care December Advent challenge.

Day 8 - Impermanence.

Day 9 - Boundaries.

Day 10 - Carving. I used a face carving I made earlier this year. It's one of my favourites. You'll see it again ;-)

Day 11 - Bird's Eye View.

Day 12 - Seasons. 

A snowy winter scene for Jo's theme at Art Journal Journey

I used little wooden snowflakes mounted onto foam to stamp the snowflakes.

Day 13 - Celebration.

There's that face stamp again! It's so useful.

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Friday 16 December 2022

Art Journal Advent Days 11-16

Hello Everyone.

I have a few more pages to share, that I've created for Michelle & Tamara's Art Journal Advent.

Day 11 - Your greatest gift of 2022. Definitely being able to see more of my family. Our daughter moved into her new home in June, and we've been to stay with her a few times since. She's very excited to be hosting us and her brother this Christmas.

 Day 12 - Simplify. 

An abstract snowy woodland walk for Jo's Snowy Winter theme at Art Journal Journey.

Day 13 - Self-confidence. Just a fun abstract collage. :-)

Day 14 - Building Castles in the Air. Do you recognise a couple of my collage fodder watercolour pieces from earlier in the year?

Day 15 - Vulnerability. Bees and hedgehogs are on the danger list, and I used some fragile teabag papers.

I always put out some water in case a hedgehog passes by, but I've sadly never seen one in our garden.

Day 16 - Unfiltered. Struggled with this prompt, so I just threw a bit of collage down, and a watercolour butterfly I created earlier this year.

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Sunday 11 December 2022

Care December 2022

 Hello All! I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

I'm joining in with two Advent challenges at the moment, Art Journal Advent that I shared yesterday, and also Kasia's Care December 2022. This is another challenge with daily prompts to get you thinking and creating.

I made a junk journal for the challenge, this one's about 7x7", with pages of different sizes. I like to use recycled packaging for my covers, and a few other recycled collage materials.

Here are my first week's pages.

Day 1 - Good Intentions.

Day 2 - The Harbour.

Day 3 - The Blank Space.

Day 4 - Grow and Heal.

Day 5 - Cleansing.

Day 6 - The White Unicorns.

Day 7 - Love Letter.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me.


Saturday 10 December 2022

Art Journal Advent 2022

Happy Saturday Everyone!

To keep myself motivated in December, I've joined in with a couple of Advent art challenges on Instagram. One of these is Michelle and Tamara's Art Journal Advent 2022. There are daily prompts to get you thinking and creating. I try to spend about 30 minutes or less on a page.

I first created a little junk journal. It's about 6x6", and the pages are smaller and different sizes.

 And here are the first 10 pages. I wrote the prompt on each page, hopefully it is legible.

Oops! I just realised I didn't write the prompt on my last page. The prompt for Day 10 is 'YES'. 

Some of my pages are looking a bit snowy with the white ink splatters, so I hope I can qualify to join in with Jo's Snowy Winter theme at Art Journal Journey. I hope I haven't broken any rules. I nominate my Day 6 page for the theme, I think the little girl is looking out of her window at the snow ;-)

Apologies for the very long post.

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Thursday 8 December 2022

Christmas Cards

 Here's another quick post with a few Christmas cards I've made this year.

All I have to do now is write and post them 😅


Wednesday 7 December 2022

December Art Journal Calendar

 Hello All.

Finally found some time to fit in a blog post! It'll be a quickie, as I must write some Christmas cards, then get the dinner on, not necessarily in that order.

Here's my December calendar spread.

And here's my completed November spread.

I hope you're all having a good week.


Thursday 24 November 2022

Caring for the Garden Visitors

 Hello All.

Here's another page I made for Elizabeth & Bleubeard's Collage, Food & Drink theme at Art Journal Journey. I used collage fodder, recycled items and magazine images, and a black paint pen to add details.

Thanks for visiting, and for all of your wonderful comments. I've changed my blog settings to comment moderation sometimes, to see if that will be easier for my regular visitors.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends across The Pond.


Thursday 17 November 2022

A Green Life

 A green life isn't easy. I'm trying my best though. One of the things I'm doing is leaving my car at home and walking whenever possible. My over 60's bus pass is handy too 😁

Here's a journal page I made for Art Journal Journey, using collage fodder and magazine images. 

The base is a paper towel I used to mop up paint. I created a border using a gelli-printed stripey paper bag. The images are mounted onto security envelope scraps.

Thanks for visiting. Your comments are very much appreciated.

I hope you are having a blessed week.


Saturday 12 November 2022

Friday 11 November 2022


 Hello All.

I created another page for Elizabeth & Bleubeard's Collage Fodder, Food & Drink theme at Art Journal Journey. As the title of my page is Tea, I included some teabag paper with my collage fodder, and used a recycled teabag label.

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Sunday 6 November 2022


Apparently Flammekueche is a speciality from the Alsace region of France, a bit like a thin and crispy based pizza.  

I found the images in a Daphne's Diary magazine for another art journal page for Elizabeth & Bleubeard's Collage Fodder, Food &/or Drink theme at Art Journal Journey. 

It's nice to use up some more of my huge stash of collage fodder. For the black marks, I used both ends and the ridged rim of a sparking wine cork. Very messy, my hands are covered in black paint 😂

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my calendar pages, they're much appreciated.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend.


Saturday 5 November 2022

November Art Journal Calendar

 Hello All. Happy November!

I finally got my November calendar finished yesterday. Over at Art Journal Journey Elizabeth & Bleubeard's theme is Collage Fodder, Food & Drink or Both. I went with both. 

My little journaling cups are filled with my current favourite warm drink of Mocha, half a teaspoon of decaff coffee & a heaped teaspoon of vegan drinking chocolate (Cadbury's Options is my choice), mixed with a little oat milk, topped up with boiled water. So yummy!

I started with a layer of colourful collage fodder. Gluing pieces of torn collage down is so relaxing, and makes a great base layer.

Next, I used bubble wrap to print with white acrylic paint. Then I added some scribbled journaling with a blue Stabilo All pencil. I sprayed some water on it, then held up my journal to create some lovely inky drips.

I sketched and cut out my own little teacup stencil, then stencilled the teacups with black acrylic paint. I also stencilled the title with a PaperArtsy stencil. I used a white Sakura gel pen to outline and add the day numbers to the teacups. 

Before I go, here's my completed October calendar.

Thanks so much for reading this post.