Sunday 31 July 2022

Daisy Yellow Art ICAD Challenge - Week 9

 Hi Everyone.

I have my final six ICADs to share with you today. I created a little series for these final few, using some recently made collage fodder, security envelopes, music paper, corrugated card, and found text from a book.

Here are my July ICADs. I couldn't fit them all into one photo, so there are two.

As usual, it's been a fun challenge working on these 6x4 inch index cards. Thank you all for cheering me along the way, I really appreciate your comments.


Monday 25 July 2022

Daisy Yellow Art's ICAD Challenge - Week 8

 Hello All.

Here are my latest ICADs for Tammy's challenge.

That last one was a very quick 5 minute job. Alway fun to create quickly, without too much thought.

I'll have the final few to share next Monday.

Until then...

Thanks for visiting,


Wednesday 20 July 2022

Fodder Challenge 2022

 Hi Everyone!

I'm back today with the remainder of my Fodder Challenge projects. Hope you like them.

Day 6 - Pocket Fodder Book with Karen Elaine. This is a perfect size to keep my quirky watercolour birds in, and I added one as decoration on the cover.

Days 7 & 8 - Photo Transfers on Buttons with Jane Chipp, and Vintage Photo Tag with Ricki Midbrod.

Day 9 - Prayer Flags with Dori Patrick. I used paper gelli prints instead of fabric on mine, with ribbon and stitching

Before I go, here's a little crochet project I recently finished. The kit was a Christmas present from my son, and her name is Morag The Highland Coo.

Thanks so much for your kind visit here today.


Tuesday 19 July 2022

Daisy Yellow Art ICAD Challenge - Week 7

 Hello All.

Phew! It's so hot here at the moment, we're really not geared up for 40degC temperatures in the UK! I've been lying on the sofa reading/listening to books the last couple of days, but I thought I should get a blog post done. Fortunately, my art room where my lap top is, is the coolest room in the house.

I have some more ICADs to share with you today, for week 7 of Tammy's Daisy Yellow Art Challenge.

Our daughter Beth recently got an award for being one of the top 50 female engineers in the country, for innovation and invention in 2022. Here she is with her dad, who is a civil engineer, and inspired her to go into engineering. Beth joined Rolls Royce's graduate scheme whilst at uni, and now works for them in Bristol, in aviation. She is on the WISE(Women in Science & Engineering) board, and loves to encourage other young women into engineering. Needless to say, her dad and I are super proud of her.

Thanks for visiting me today. I'm off to lie down with a book again now!


Tuesday 12 July 2022

Willa Wanders' Fodder Challenge 2022 - Days 1- 5

 Hi Everyone.

Wendy Solganik's Fodder Challenge started last week, Tuesday I think. Anyway, I'm up to Day 5, so I thought I'd share my projects so far.

Day 1 - Peace Catcher with Lucie Duclos. I gifted this to a friend for her birthday.

Day 2 - Gelli Prints to finished art pieces with Drew Steinbrecher.

Day 3 - The Study of Shapes with Julie Hamilton. There is some fabric on these, the dotty green and black circles and leaves.

Day 4 - Paper Weaving with Rebecca Sower. I stitched it to some watercolour paper. Think I may have to frame it :-)

Day 5 - Luggage Tags with Liz Constable. The tags were dyed and stamped with coffee before I decorated them.

I hope you like these, I'll share some more pieces in a few days time.


Monday 11 July 2022

Daisy Yellow Art ICAD Challenge 2022 - Week 6

Hello All.

It's time to share my latest week's ICADS for Daisy Yellow Art's/Tammy's challenge.

Here they are...

Oh dear, this one's a bit fuzzy, oops! And I didn't date stamp it either 😏


Wendy Solganik's aka Willa Wanders Fodder Challenge on Instagram has begun, and my latest 5 ICADs are made with some leftovers from the art I've been making. I'll share some of those projects with you this week.

Thanks for visiting,


Monday 4 July 2022

Daisy Yellow Art ICAD Challenge 2022 - Week 5

 Hello Everyone!

I have another 7 index cards to share with you today.

But first, let me show you my June ones.

Numbers 1 - 15...

Numbers 16 - 30 ...

Now, here are my ICADs for Week 5...

I hope you enjoy this week's offerings. Thanks so much for visiting.