Thursday 23 December 2021

Kasia's Care December - Days 15-20

 Hello All.

I have the final few Care December pages to share with you today. It's been a wonderful reflective month, and these prompts have helped me to take some time for myself and think about what really matters.

Day 15 - Online Self-care. Take a look at the people and pages you follow online, and weed out the ones that don't bring you joy.

Day 16 - The Muddy Greys of Winter.

Day 17 - Acknowledge and let go of negative thoughts.

Day 18 - Winter Solstice. Plant something and watch it grow.

Day 19 - This is me. Take a selfie, be accepting and don't judge yourself.

Day 20 - Make a wish upon a star. Set an intention.

I hope you've found some time to care for yourself this month too.



  1. Fabulous pages Alison love them all and the succulent one stikes a note lol
    Carol x

  2. These are SO different from Michelle's prompts. I like the idea of weeding out people who don't bring you joy. I know a couple of on-line drama queens and I think I need to weed them out of my life, too. You have given us so much to consider, and your art and color schemes wrk well together, too. You have some impressive art you have given us today, dear Alison. I hope you also have taken time to care for YOURSELF, too!

  3. I bet that bow will look great on your friend's poodle. And I bet the elf hat looks super too. I'm loving the last of these pages. That's a great idea of weeding your life as you mentioned on the last page. Especially as the year winds down. Happy Christmas Eve to you, and have a happy Christmas too. Hugs-Erika

  4. Outstanding out. I love the face. I hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas.

  5. Hope you've had/are having a peaceful and safe holidays, Alison!
    Day 15 - I've been doing a Facecrack cleanse, almost 3 months now. I'm currently trying to plan out my re-entry because I can't stay hidden forever, lol. During this time, I've found my blogging life to be so much more positive and nurturing.
    Day 16 - Can really relate to this, been muddy grey here as well. I need some real sun, not just the half-ass kind, lol.
    Day 17 - So true, but not easy to do when the thoughts are tied to people in my life that I have to keep, ugh.
    Day 18 - Cute. Yeah, I'm not good at that myself. My Honey does that well.
    Day 19 - Hey there! Love the red hair...but I'd prefer that you had smiled, I love smiles. :-)
    Day 20 - I love blue and green, especially on black.
    Great pages, glad you enjoyed the class. XOX

  6. Day 18d efinitely rings a bell here!!! Hugs, Chrisx


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