Saturday 18 December 2021

Kasia's Care December 2021 - Days 10-14

 Happy Weekend Everyone!

After a nice but cold walk early this morning, then cleaning out the guinea pig cage, I found some time this afternoon for a bit of art. I'll be sharing that another day though, as it's too dark now to take photos.

However, here's my next instalment of Care December pages.

Day 10 - Silver. Apparently silver is a magical colour often associated with the aura of the female. I found a photo of my best friend, myself, and my daughter, taken about 10 years ago, and put it centre stage on my page.

I painted around us with silver watercolour paint. It's very shiny.

Day 11 - Your Senses. I listened to the robins in the cafe garden, whilst drinking a sweet and spicy chai latte.

Day 12 - Paint a watercolour robin. 'Robins appear when loved ones are near.'

Day 13 - A spontaneous call. I didn't make a call, but I did message my cousin the first time in a few months, to suggest a meet up in the new year. I journaled about that, then created my page over the top.

Day 14 - Embrace the mundane. Do some mindful stitching on your page. I stamped the face I carved recently, then used variegated embroidery thread to stitch the outlines. I didn't find this mundane at all.

Thanks for coming by today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Just got your post up and reading about the silver aura and had a weird happening-I'm on the computer -daughter upstairs and sons dog laid on settee-she shot up gave an excited bark and went into hallway-heard a clear as a bell oh hiya and thought it was sons partner Rosie back dog stood looking through window but no-one there and daughter heard it upstairs too -had to ring Rosie to make sure she was okay-definitely weird!!!
    Carol x x
    Love all the pages by the way especially the Robin
    Carol x x

  2. Lots of fabulous art and love the photo of you three girls! Have a great evening, hugs, VaLERIE

  3. Not only did you use great colors Alison, but nice texture with that stitching. I like it. I used a credit and picked up Another Bennett Sister today. Didn't get a chance to start it, but maybe tomorrow.

  4. OMGosh.... I really love each and everyone of these. You have created a collection of love.

  5. I apologize for being so late visiting. Life really got in the way over the weekend and I was almost down for the count.

    These are really clever. I am glad I didn't know about this challenge because there is NO way I can draw anything. Not in my wheelhouse. That robin is out of this world, though and so unlike our American robins.

    I also love your stitched face, another thing I can't do. I have no pinch grip in my fingers. You did a great job and your stitches are really even, too. Thanks for these great beauties.

  6. Love all these and what a treasure of a photo! xoxo

  7. All fabulous but I do so love that day 12 robin, Hugs, Chrisx


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