Thursday 16 December 2021

Art Journal Advent 2021 - Days 11-15

Hello All.

Here are a few more of my pages for Art Journal Advent.

Day 11 - Free Spirit. I used the face stamp I carved for Care December last week.

Day 12 - Dreams That Give You Strength. I used a 'people' mask I cut out a while back for gel printing.

Day 13 - Priceless. Spot the teabag in the centre.

Day 14 - Hodgepodge. An eclectic collection of paper and fabric collage.

Day 15 - A Burst Of Courage. This is me hiking on a mountain in Chamonix, 2017. We climbed the mountain too. I couldn't imagine doing this 10 years ago. Using walking poles, as well as losing 3 stone in weight, has given me a lot more courage. 

I think you could say that a door opened up for me, so I'm linking this page to Valerie's One Door Closes, Another Door Opens theme at Art Journal Journey.

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  1. That's a lovely idea having a burst of courage, and it even got you up a mountain. You really went through a portal there. Thanks for linking to AJJ and sharing your story. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Again, your pages are So much different from mine. I love how you interpreted Hodge Podge and especially Burst of Courage. I love them al and was so glad you shared the last one with us at Art Journal Journey using Valerie's theme. Yours are so much more textured than mine, too. I like that.

  3. All fabulous pages Alison,love the collages,coruggated cardboard and teabags
    Carol x

  4. Five fab pages Alison. I am in awe of your talent in carving your own stamps. Wow!
    Hugs, Net xx

  5. Day 11-Love your stamp and the orange is amazing
    Day 12-Very thought-provoking
    Day 14-A lovely hodpodge collage
    Day 15-Congrats on losing all that, sure wish I could!

  6. These are more fabulous pages Alison. I love the variety you create. And good for you to make that climb. It looks challenging, especially with the snow on the edges of your photo. Did you have to hike over snow along the way? Thanks for sharing with us at AJJ. Hugs-Erika

  7. Great to your stamp again in your artwork. The orange and the blue look amazing together. I can certainly relate to Day 15. I am still extremely afraid of height, but I am braver than I was before.


  8. Love your take on a door opening. I think I a going to mull that over some for my next page and not go with an actual door. Thanks for the inspiration.

    All your pages are very well done and very interesting - I have to say the hiking one is my favorite.


  9. These are fabulous and I felt like it is what every body need.

  10. These are all wonderful, imaginative pages.
    I wish you a merry Christmas time, hugs, Elke

  11. Awesome pages Allison a super take on doors opening for the AJJ theme, thank you for linking with us there.

  12. You carved a fabulous stamp and created great journal pages. I love the idea and take behind the last page you shared with is at AJJ Alison.
    Hope you have a Happy, safe Christmas and New Year.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Seeing your art always gives me such lift - some amazing pages here, the last one of you climbing that mountain is brilliant - you certainly did grab the moment when that door opened. Belated Christmas greetings, Chrisx


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