Monday, 20 September 2021

Scrappy September Scavenger

 Hello All.

Here are a few more Scrappy September pages.

Day 17 - Red, A playing card, A vintage bank note, Clover.

Bonus Item - Something knitted. 

I had to get my needles out 😁 I found the clover on our morning walk, and the bank note online.

Day 18 - Baby blue, Wallpaper, Book page in another language, Butterfly.

Bonus Item - Buttons.

A few items from my stash, and I drew and cut out the butterfly.

Day 19 - Dark purple, Tissue paper, Something you painted, Leaf.

Bonus Item - Lace.

I used my new Arteza watercolour paints to paint the leaves.

Day 20 - Green, Tea stained paper, Receipt, Butterfly.

Bonus Item - Dried flower.

The receipt I painted with watercolours, and heated to turn parts of it black. Receipt paper is so cool! The flower was Queen Anne's Lace that I dried last year, and I was happy to use one of the teabags I've emptied. I painted the ribbon with watercolour too, and then scrunched it before drying. Does my page look a little bit vintage for Wendy's Vintage theme at Art Journal Journey? I hope so.

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  1. All fabulous pages love the knitting and thought you were going to say you found the banknote with the clover lol-love all the butterflies and lace
    Carol x

  2. Some great artwork Alison, love all the different pages. thank you for sharing with on Art Journal Journey.
    Hugs Wendy

  3. You have so much fantastic texture here Alison. These are great. Are you leaving the knitting and needles on the page, or are they just there for these photos. Either way, these are really fantastic, and perfect for Wendy's challenge at AJJ. Thanks for sharing. And happy new week. Hugs-Erika

    1. Thanks Erika! The knitting swatch is part of my page, glued on and not coming off :-)

  4. I have a friend who knitted a swatch in my altered book one time using toothpicks. Yours is the only other time I've seen one knitted like that. Very clever. I still say this challenge was meant just for you!

    I get those same receipt papers from the bank ATM. I have burned the backs of them before when I didn't want my balance shown before I sent it to the recycle box. I also love how you "dyed" the ribbon. Clever. This is very vintage and I love how you used all the elements to create this beauty for us using Wendy's theme at Art Journal Journey.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I actually knitted the swatch on proper needles, then transferred it onto the toothpicks. I try to avoid anything too fiddly. I'm still being careful of my tennis elbow, the knitting didn't help matters. It's gradually improving.

  5. OMGosh. I'm so far behind and I think I just forgot to publish my post. Ignore this if I did, but I'm sure I forgot.

    I am so in awe of the swatch of fibers you knitted with toothpicks. I have a friend who did the same in one of my altered books. She and you are the only two people I have ever seen do this. As I've said before, this challenge had your name on it from day 1.

    You always pay so much attention to detail and these all show it.

    I think receipt paper is really fun, too. I get it every time I use the ATM at my bank. I learned I could obliterate my balance by running the back over a candle and blacking the balance before I throw it in my recycle bin. I love how you "dyed" the ribbon. It turned out great. It definitely has that vintage feel that I love and that is perfect for Wendy's theme at Art Journal Journey. Thanks for thinking of us and linking.

  6. Wow, so many beautiful pages! The scrappy bits and pieces look amazing on your designs - love it 😀. I hope you're enjoying the mild autumnal weather where you are, I'm still wearing summer dresses but that may be do to my hot flushes 😉. Wishing you a wonderful week! Hugs Jo x

  7. Cool pages, your elements are all so interesting! Love the knitting 'needles'. Yup, receipt paper, any thermal papers are cool. xoxo

  8. Thanks Jo! It's been beautiful here today, colder indoors than out :-)

  9. Wow, all so different and so much cool texture. Each makes me think and has so many fun things to look it. Love the button butterfly and the knitted piece! GREAT pages, Alison.


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