Monday, 8 August 2022

Catherine Rains' Collage Kickstart Course

 Hello All.

I recently took Catherine Rains' wonderful free 5 Day Collage Kickstart course. I can highly recommend this course if you love making collage as much as I do. And Catherine is an excellent teacher.

On Day One we collected up all the supplies we needed, finding items from around the house to make marks with.

Day Two was about creating light, medium and dark collage papers with a limited palette. I chose to use my favourite blues.


Day Three we created some tissue paper collage fodder with stencils, paint and molding paste.

Day 4 we created collage papers with circles.

And finally, on Day 5 we created some mini 3x3" collages, using our collage papers, adding in some pieces of magazine text for contrast.

You might recognise some of these collage papers in some of my recent and also future projects, I have loads left over!

You can also find Catherine over on Instagram, as @catrains.artist. Every Tuesday she posts a video of a collage material technique.

Thanks for visiting me today. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.



  1. Wow, Alison, this is a treasure trove of lovely papers, have fun with them!

  2. WOW fabulous backgrounds and techniques -love the resulting 3"x3" squares on your journal page
    Carol x

  3. Your pages are amazing Alison. I really love the idea of white texture on white tissue or deli paper. I would have never thought of leaving something white and then combining them. I may have to go do that today. Smile. Happy new week. Hugs-Erika

  4. Alison, you are so talented. I really like the cards. Have a great day.

  5. Oh, be still my heart, Alison! Wow, love all your papers, those would take me months to do with my physical conditions, but you've inspired me to go sign up for this and if it takes me months then so be it. So in love, the blue was a perfect choice (we both love blue!). Such a nice presentation with the thrinchies spread, too. Thanks for sharing this! XOX


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