Thursday, 10 October 2019

Wishing and Dreaming and Hoping

Hello Folks. I have another mixed media journal page to share for Eileen's Dreams or Wishes theme at Art Journal Journey.

A bit of gel print collage, some paint, crackle paste, scribbles and marks.

Had another visit to the consultant at the hospital today. Frustrating as he didn't have my blood test results from September, so I had to get another one! Unbelievable! Still I had a nice chat with the lady who did it. Keep smiling Alison! :-)

Hope you've had a happy day,

Alison xox


  1. Oh no! Keep smiling!! Fabulous journal page Ali.
    Hugs Flo xx

  2. Hor frustrating with the consultant.
    I love this page. So colourful and full of depth!

  3. Gorgeous page. Hospitals - not much difference here! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Yes keep smiling, I can relate to waiting for results , it isn't easy. Hope all will be well for you.
    Its a fantastic page, perhaps a dream where there are many parts to tell if we remember them the next day.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Nice print. ALL the writing must be you letting go of frustrations. The medical services could always be improved. I've had daily chronic hives for 25 months now and I can't get a reason why or a fix. Grrr. And your title made me think of an old with those words in it. Hugs-Erika

  6. A fabulous self expression piece Alison, like those areas of crackle. Hope you get your blood results soon, I am waiting on mine from 4 weeks ago too.. Having to have tests twice yearly it will be time to have another test before the last results arrives.
    Chin up lovely & enjoy the weekend Hugs Tracey xx

  7. Who would have thought a pesky squirrel could have sidelined me for over three days. It sure sidelined ME. Otherwise I would have been here sooner.

    Just when I was able to get back on the internet I learned there was going to be a hard freeze tonight. I spent the entire day cutting back my herbs and getting the ones I could lift into the house. The others I covered tonight with sheets.

    This is incredible. I just created a journal page with the same words. Great minds think alike. Guess I'll hold it for a week or so, so no one thinks I copied it, which I didn't of course. I actually think I like yours better than mine. It's clever, colorful, hopeful, and fun. Thanks for sharing it with us at Art Journal Journey.

  8. Beautiful page! The crackle, textures and colours look amazing 😁. So frustrating about your blood results, I hope they get the resulfs sorted soon. Take care and have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Jo x

  9. Keep smiling ❤ a fantastic page, you know how much I love your style. A fabulous entry for AJJ! Thank you for joining AJJ again. Happy weekend!
    Susi xxx

  10. Oh no, I hate when that happens, Alison. I hope things go more smoothly with your tests and results from now on.

    Thank you for sharing this fabulous page with us at Art Journal Journey. I love all the wild and free doodles and the yummy texture. Thank you also for the Dusty Springfield "Wishin' And Hopin'" ear worm - lol. Eileen xx

  11. That’s so annoying Alison. Fabulous page, love the colours.
    Keep smiling. xxx Hazel.

  12. Frustrating indeed Alison. Hope it works out this time!! Loving your page. I wish I could make pages like this. I am hopeless!

  13. Wow, there's an amazing energy to this page, both in the shapes and in the colours - I love it. Sorry they lost your blood - I hope they get their act together this time.
    Alison x

  14. Fabulous textured page Alison love all the scribbles.How annoying hope you get your blood results sorted soon with a good result
    Carol x

  15. such a beautiful, textural journal page! xo

  16. This looks like a happy dream Alison! How do they lose blood tests?? It happened to me once too! Chrisx

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